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IT Security Consulting

IT Security Consulting

At DACNY our main goal is to simplify things for you and your business, to build a secure bridge of communication so you can get the information that is important to you.

It has been the "norm" that building "multi-layered-complete-solution" protection systems to safeguard your IT infrastructure is the way to go. Most IT Security Consulting Firms swear by this approach. If everone else is doing it, it must be the best thing for you too, right?... Wrong!

The "multi-layered-complete-solution" is an obsolete approach for the security of your IT.

Today, the real solution comes from introducing integrated and less complex IT Security that is specially relevant to your particular type of business. Each IT Security element has to have a justified function directly related to your business goals.

When DACNY is in charge of your IT Security Consulting, we make it a priority to achieve this balance in the architecture, before anything is even set up, including all compliance regulation requirements specific to your type of business. This is important because of the number of businesses that extend way beyond what is actually required from a compliance standpoint, ending up with a monstrously complex IT Security that only hinders their business.

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