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IT Project Management

Information Technology Project Management

If you have a specific temporary IT requirement within your already established IT administration, IT Project Management is the IT solution you're looking for.

These are a few examples of IT Project Management:

  • A specific security issue, system back-up or general hardware/software updates/upgrades have proven to be more complex than what your current staff can handle, but once addressed will not require further outsourced management.
  • You have a deadline for a specific project, be it the IT Management of a product release or a custom service, yet you don't currently have within your organization either the expertise or the personnel to deliver it on time and/or within budget.
  • You are looking at outsourcing the budgeting phase and/or investment research of an IT project due to lack of critical expertise on IT investing.
  • You want to train your staff on Project Management IT Tools to establish project performance baselines, monitoring other ongoing IT Projects, evaluate project ROI, etc.
  • A Project requires Closure. It might be ending a phase of an ongoing project, or a project that has to be terminated and your in-house staff just can't find the way to do it with ease in the most cost-efficient manner.

Basically, DACNY's IT Project Management Services will take care of those projects (big and small) that your current IT staff can't or will not handle for reasons of expertise and/or time constraints.

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