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IT Management Plan

Developing an IT Management Plan:

Developing an IT Management Plan is what unifies Business goals and IT infrastructure. Its purpose is to streamline your business' workflow by optimizing IT processes, saving you money in operational costs.


1. Set Up

- Strategic Planning
- IT Diagnose & Investment Report
- Installation & Configuration

Do you want a network of systems consistently performing at their peak, saving you money and ready to grow and change when the time comes?

Then the first thing to do is to develop some good ol' IT Strategic Planning learn more. Simultaneously, we'll make a diagnosis of your current IT infrastructure learn more. Once we have a solid and clear idea of what you currently own and which is the best possible IT approach for the future of your business AND your budget, then with our infinite wisdom (well... not really, but 20 years of experience makes things much easier!) we'll suggest the most relevant hardware and sofware updates and upgrades that will fit your business like a tailored suit.

Your tailored suit is the IT Architectural blueprint. This new IT Management process will fix those "money leaks" by transforming the IT problems your employees, clients and providers face everyday, into the most relevant technical and operational upgrades. This new process is a map that you can use, among other things, to best manage your staffing and training endeavors. learn more

By integrating the success factors, risks, opportunities, time frames, budgets and conforming to the very latest in industry practices, implementing software licenses, checking physical inventory, validating data integrity, installing custom security solutions learn more and setting up remote managing learn more we'll get the whole thing working just the way we planned it on our good ol' IT Strategic Planning.

2. Management

- System Administration
- System Backup, Updates & Upgrades
- Help Desk Support

Now that the IT management plan is set in place, it's time to use it as our guide for your system administration. This will also allow your business to improve the user end productivity and measure the IT return on investment (ROI).

Some examples of benefits, including time, money and resources gained and/or saved, are:

  • Optimized day to day communications such as: e-mail, SMS, instant messaging, tele-conferencing and web conferencing
  • Integration of "group ware" (software that enables sharing of documents) making information accessible to multiple people, eliminating work duplication and a considerable reduction of paperwork and waste
  • Maximizing mobile workforces performance and enabling remote office process management by having wireless device networks properly integrated.
  • Improved collaboration among employees = less time wasted = operational cost savings
  • Better software integration = more productivity = better sales results

Yep, this is what it really feels like to be the boss. The IT management plan (nested in your business plan with its specific growth projections) has already foreseen your future IT requirements for updates & upgrades. Having this information beforehand helps save big money by providing you with a better IT acquisition standpoint. It's similar to going to the supermarket without a shopping list: you end up buying stuff that you don't really need just because it looks good and you're hungry! With DACNY, that is not the case. Here, you not only have the shopping list, it's like having the marketing plan of the whole supermarket and knowing why everything is where it is and how they are trying to get you to buy it. This is the power of planned IT investing!

So now that you're getting a better idea of how this works, you can take a look at the top and bottom of this page... you'll see a big orange button that says: "Login". While we're managing your IT account, any time that you require our assistance, you can either give us a call or push that big orange button and we'll take care of it in real time with our top of the line help desk support. learn more

3. Disaster Recovery

It happens even in the best Corporations, it's just the nature of the universe. Call it Murphy's law, Chaos Theory, whatever you call it, there is always the probability that something might go wrong. When something goes wrong and you don't have an IT management plan, how nice is it to get behind a server and try to make sense of thousands of cables or on the software side, go ahead and try to figure out which of your 134 PC stations has the lock that is creating havoc within your whole network?

No, it's not very nice. It's not even easy for experts to try and fix a mess in those circumstances. So, instead of trying to do a break fix process of who knows what, the difference is that we have wisely implemented our IT management plan that tells us exactly how your whole IT system is configured. It's a map that shows what cable leads to what port on what switch to which patch panel... you get the point. A map that let us know what is where and why, which people have access to what equipment, we have dated data entries, reports of automatic updates, security logs, you name it...

Imagine the cost of fixing all of that without a map. The IT Management Plan is an investment that will pay for itself many times over, with the savings that'll bring to your business in the long run.

So, then we go ahead and take care of the problem in a scientific and efficient manner. And your files? No worries about that, because your unique plan includes an IT management process for system backups, such as your databases.

Now all you have to do is give us a call and we'll put the whole thing together, just the way IT is supposed to be.