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IT Service Management

IT Service Management

When you think about the success of your business, the vital ingredient is always your customers.

Happy Customers = More Sales

In Today's world, the term "Happy Customers" always comes attached to some kind of IT managed services, be it customer service IT, the IT behind your website(s), IT related to storing, analyzing and managing your customers' information, etc.

DACNY's IT Service Management is an in-depth study of which Information Technologies will serve your customers in the most efficient manner and how these technologies are applied and managed to be cost effective for you.

For example, let's say that your business is a Law Firm, IT Service Management will help you:

  • Have a comprehensive understanding of which IT can facilitate the exchange of secure information between your associates and your clients
  • Enable remote communication with the office to manage client related tasks, reports and research
  • Select the most relevant and cost effective client information management software for your type of business
  • Integrate IT operational procedures that your employees follow to make the investment of IT cost effective

DACNY's IT Service Management is a step that we consider in all our consulting services, however it can also be provided as a separate service upon request.

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